Sweet Bite - Stable Edition


Sweet Bite - Better Sugar for Horses!

CAVATINOS is an analog of Isomaltulose.
CAVATINOS is a trademark of Nutricheval AB, Sweden, and this is a raw material for the production of Sweet Bite better sugar for horses.

Through a stabilized enzymatic preparation, the sugar is converted into CAVATINOS -
the chemical name is 6-O- -D-glucopyranosyl-D-fructofuranose.  It is a disaccharide essentially composed of a molecule of glucose and another of fructose. The difference between sugar beet sucrose and I CAVATINOS (isomaltulose) is the chemical bond, making CAVATINOS a low glycemic index carbohydrate.

How do molecules react in the body?
Unlike other carbohydrates, such as glucose and table sugar, CAVATINOS prevents
insulin spikes in the body.  These insulin spikes cause your horse to have energy
quickly available, but this energy also runs out too fast.

Sweet Bite prevents these spikes, developing energy that lasts longer. CAVATINOS (isomaltulose) undergoes much slower digestion than any other carbohydrate, which means it will release insulin much more evenly into the blood, promoting a stable and lasting energy boost, making training performance significantly more powerful.

Benefits of Sweet Bite (CAVATINOS) for horses?
CAVATINOS (isomaltulose) provides energy to your horse but not only!
It also acts as a macronutrient (carbohydrate) supplement that is valuable for the horse diet. The advantage of using CAVATINOS in replacement of other carbohydrate
supplements its gradual action, which ensures energy for the body for several hours of
the day, while other supplements have energy spikes per minute, and then this energy

Another valuable advantage of Sweet Bite (CAVATINOS) is in cases where it is
necessary to reduce fat mass.  CAVATINOS helps burn fat by activating the metabolism of adipose tissue (stored fat), mobilizing cells that will be used to continue generating energy.

Here is a list of the main benefits of Sweet Bite (CAVATINOS) and why this carbohydrate is so helpful for sport horses, convalescents, breeding horses, and ponies.
Help in the loss of fat mass in favor of muscle mass;
• Low glycemic index;
• Better absorption of other nutrients;
• It produces stable energy for the body and for longer;
• Slows down muscle fatigue during training;
• Reduces hunger during and after physical activities;
• Although it is a type of "sugar," it does not cause tooth decay and plaque;
• Regulates blood glucose levels.

Why is Sweet Bite (CAVATINOS) good for horses?
Sweet Bite is a carbohydrate source released very evenly in the blood, making sure
your horse has energy during training, with no ups and downs in the training session.
In addition, it preserves muscle glycogen stores, thus avoiding muscle fatigue
(tiredness) during training.
It can also be considered quite effective when you want to increase muscle mass and
get better results in training both in disciplines that require intense strength and those
who practice long-lasting exercises (endurance).

Why did it say 99.9% sugar in the box?
Sweet Bite contains only sugar as the only ingredient.
This is because sugar, once fermented by the action of bacteria (CAVATINOS), does
not need other substances to maintain its effectiveness. 99.9% natural.
Without preservatives or dyes!

CAVATINOS VS Table (regular) sugar
CAVATINOS is a type of carbohydrate supplement that differs from ordinary sugar for
the benefits it provides to sport horses, the type of absorption, and the quality of the
energy it produces.  It promotes a stable energy increase for much longer and without generating insulin spikes in the body.  So this can be considered today as the revolution of sports integration!

Are fermented sugar Sweet Bite (CAVATINOS) and table (regular) sugar the same?
Although they may look very similar to the eye, fermented and ordinary (table) sugar is very different.  Nutritionally fermented sugar Sweet Bite (CAVATINOS) has characteristics that make it a noble food and specifically suitable for training sports horses.  To make a comparison, we can think of fermented sugar as a food enriched by the action and presence of bacteria and fermentative enzymes.  As we find in other foods such as Kefir, it is widely used and known for its countless benefits obtained from regular fresh milk.


Sweet Bite better sugar for horses
CavatinosTM specially developed sugar for horses based on knowledge of digestive, dental, and
metabolic sensitivities.
Composition enzymatic extracted beet sugar.

crude ash 0.01%
- crude fibres 0.0%
- sugar 99.99%
- sodium 3mg/kg
- metabolisable energy 3998kcal/kg.
Guidance one piece as a reward. Water should be available.

Obtained from the enzymatic conversion of sucrose by bacterial fermentation, it is digested
completely but slowly.

Positive reinforcement stimulates horses to learn faster, chewing relax them, and it is helpful for
nervous or stressed subjects
• Make horses focused on sporting activities
• Improves sports performance
• The natural reward for your horse