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Pro Teque Air Fly Sheet


The rug brings you the latest in innovative turnout protection technology, crafted from a highly breathable 3D ducted sports mesh fabric, which moulds to the horse’s body and channels airflow. This maximises the surface area in which air circulation reaches, helping your horse stay cool on the hottest of days. Antibacterial breathable nylon lining over the shoulder and neck area prevents rubbing and is comfortable against the horse’s skin.

As well as offering great fly control and protection, this fly rug reflects the sun's heat and harmful rays, offering relief for horses exposed to long hours of sunlight. Heat escapes while air enters and circulates within the 3D mesh preventing overheating by maximizing breathability. Horses with darker coats that naturally absorb heat will benefit greatly from the coverage of this rug during long warm summer days.

Fly Rug key features...

  • 3D ducted sports mesh – moulds to the horse’s body
  • Smooth face to the inner fabric
  • High level breathability
  • Long integrated neck cover offers more protection whilst grazing
  • Neck cover lined with non-static antibacterial breathable nylon lining over mane
  • Double lined over wither and shoulder with non-static antibacterial breathable nylon lining
  • Shaped, designed and contoured over the wither and rump areas
  • Extra high elasticated shoulder gusset (British design registration 4 010 772)
  • Cross surcingles
  • Quick release chest clips
  • Supersize tail flap - double thickness