MoAviana Extra Highwaist Breech


Brand Montar

Introducing MoAviana Extra Highwaisted Breeches: where functionality meets elegance in perfect harmony. Crafted from Montar's signature fabric, Yati, these breeches redefine sophistication with their stunning design and high functionality.

Elevate your riding experience with the extra high-waisted silhouette of MoAviana, providing optimal support and comfort in and out of the saddle. The Montar Yati fabric, composed of 93% polyamide and 7% elastane, ensures durability, flexibility, and breathability for long-lasting wear.

Adorned with tone-in-tone crystals arranged in two rows along the thigh and featuring a crystal logo, MoAviana breeches exude refined glamour while maintaining a chic and understated aesthetic. The crystals seamlessly integrate with the fabric, adding a touch of sparkle to your equestrian ensemble.