Mikmar Comfort Girth


The Mikmar Dressage style Comfort Girth is designed to allow the horse's ribs to expand and contract without restriction, providing comfort to the horse for easier breathing and movement without chafing behind the elbows. This aids in improved performance, allowing for free movement without the risk of pinching plus reducing pressure to the girth area.  The panel is lined with a natural non-slip alveolar rubber and is positioned over the sternum to keep the saddle centralized and fully secure to prevent the saddle from slipping.

The Mikmar Comfort Dressage Girth will keep your dressage horse moving and breathing with ease while helping prevent your saddle from shifting. It has a patented material sewn into the middle of the girth that expands, giving comfort to the horse and allowing easier breathing and movement for the chest area. This wide elastic panel covers a larger area of the belly than traditional girths, reducing pressure and the risk of pinching. An anatomically-correct, integrated non-slip cushion on the inside of the Mikmar Comfort Dressage Girth keeps the saddle centered and secure.

Studies show that a tight girth can affect respiratory function and compresses chest muscles, reducing blood flow and oxygen supply. This can result in muscle spasms, impaired action, reduced power, uneven gaits, and behavioral issues. Optimize the performance of your horse with a girth designed to move with his body.

Test Rider Comments:

  • "My horse was SO much freer in the lateral work!"
  • "What a difference, my horse didn't try to bite me during saddling with my Mikmar Comfort Girth."