Krista Softshell Tailcoat


Brand Montar

Our long dressage tailcoat has a form-fitting cut. This dressage tailcoat offers many details and is a must-have for your FEI dressage classes.

On the front and on the cuffs there are shiny Montar logo buttons. The collar has matching rhinestones. The back is decorated with an elegant bow with tone-in-tone rhinestones. In addition, the coat has a Montar logo on the left shoulder, 2 slits at the back make it comfortable to wear and the material is stretchy. The lining is made of comfy mesh and the sleeves have no lining to make it as flexible as possible when you ride.

Softshell material is highly functional. Material: 50% Softshell, 45% Polyester, 5% Nylon, Lycra/SP