JUULC Short Coats


The beautiful new Juulc Glamour Collection!

In an innovative way, JUULC combines 'high tech performance' with top quality wool and stretch. The innovative fabric feels like a second skin and is extremely comfortable.
This fabric is currently the most breathable fabric in equestrian sports. Due to the open structure of the wool in the fabric, the material ventilates as much as possible. The self-cleaning property of wool in the fabric helps against sweat odors and in addition the special finish ensures a dirt- and water repellent effect. JUULC offers maximum comfort combined with the most elegant look.

This Juulc competition jacket is a short and tailored model, with a double split at the back for optimal freedom of movement. In addition, the beautiful lines of the collar create a chic look. On the back of the jacket is a back strap that accentuates the waist.

  • high tech performance of top quality wool and stretch
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Double split
  • Double split with same details as the collar
  • Backband
  • Silver details on collar, pockets, slit, button and back strap
  • Short fitted model
  • Previously named Juuls