Herm Sprenger Pronamic Snaffles



The Pronamic Bit features an anatomically-curved single joint with a flared port.

These bits encourage horses of an advanced training level to carry themselves and to step forward to the hand/bit while staying elevated and through the neck. All Pronamic bits are made of the high-quality and toxicologically tested bit material Sensogan.
These bits are recommended for horses that have completed the basic training levels correctly and solidly. Compared to regular anatomically curved models, Pronamic bits relieve the lower bars which makes them especially suitable for sensitive horses or for horses with a thin tongue.
When it comes to showjumping, the Pronamic bits are especially effective for horses that energetically pull to the obstacle and tend to tighten up their neck. Due to the special shape of the bit, the rider has a more effective influence without having to become too strong. This can prevent overreactions, such as head banging and evading the bit and improves the harmony between rider and horse.

  • Single Jointed Port
  • Anatomically + ergonomically adapted
  • Recommended for horses developing their education
  • Encourages horses to step through the poll
  • Effective with horses who tighten through the neck
  • Also suitable for sensitive horses + those with thinner tongues