Guidolin Equisnacks


Garlic - Crispy treats with flakes of garlic, to gain the greed of every horse.

Healthy, tasty and irresistible to reward your horse in every moment. Garlic is perfect for keeping horses in good overall health and physical condition

Apple - Crispy apple snacks!

Crispy sugar-free apple treats with apple, healthy, tasty and irresistible to rewards your horse in every moment.

Carrot - Delicious and crunchy carrots horse treats, baked especially hard to be really appetizing!

An unequaled recipe with flesh of carrot, a tasty biscuit to reward your horse in a healthy and natural way.

Vanilla - Flaked cereals and vanilla, crispy and tasty snack for your horse.

Flakes of cereals and vanilla in a natural treat, free from artificial colorings, flavorings and preservative. Sugar-free horse treats prepared in a traditional way.

Linseed - Crispy treats with linseed, sugar free and healthy.

Crispy sugar-free horse treats with real linseed i the dough.
Linseed improve digesiton and make the horse’s coat shine.