Grooming Kit


All you need in one, to get the job done!

The Grooming Kit bag comes loaded with 4 different grooming care supplies that will help keep your horse happy and clean. Available in four different colors.

Soft Rubber Face Curry Comb- An oval rubber brush with very soft filaments that is great for gently removing dust and hairs around your horse's face. *use while grooming & bathing*

Dimensions: 5" (L) 2 3/4" (W) 1 1/4" (H)

Horsey "Horsy Groom" Groomer- has large flexible teeth which provide a great massage after a hard workout. At the same time, it is removing dirt, debris, mud, and shedding hair.

Dimensions: 6" (L) 4" (W)

Comfy Pet Grooming & Bathing Glove- is designed to fit either left or right hand. It has a textured surface on both sides to provide a soothing massage and it helps create lather at bath time. 

Dimensions: 10 3/4" (L) 5 1/2" (W)

Snuggy Groomer Soft Teeth Rubber Curry- removes sweat marks along with shedding hair. It's the thing, flexible soft 'fingers' are perfect for thinner summer coats. Ideal for use on a horse's legs, face, and other sensitive areas. 

Dimensions: 6" (L) 3 1/2" (W)

Yellow Mesh Grewal Bag is great to carry your combs and brushes and it only comes with the bundle kit!