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Flex On Safe-On Stirrups


Brand Flex On

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Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups

Safe-On Stirrups from Flex-On deliver quick release safety plus comfort and an excellent fit for riders. The technical English stirrup iron has a quick release safety branch plus shock absorbing footbed and a beautiful, modern look. The eco-friendly polymide is reinforced with steel for durability while remaining lightweight and flexible.The shock absorbing elastomer springs reduce foot and ankle fatigue and create a more comfortable ride during high impact jumping.

  • Made in France
  • Retractable branch for quick release
  • Polyamide with steel reinforcement
  • Flexible
  • Wide inclined footbed
  • Shock absorbing

Flex-On Safe-On Stirrup features elastomer springs to absorb shock and reduce foot, ankle, and joint fatigue. A wide footbed disperses pressures and creates a stable, comfortable ride even during high impact jumping.