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Effol Skin Balm


Effol Skin Balm

Innovative, antiseptic care cream for damaged skin areas in the case of cracked heels, sweet itch, etc. Effol Skin Balm reduces itchiness and forms a protective film against viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. Panthenol support the healing process. Zinc oxide forms a protective barrier against dampness which at the same time has a moisture-regulating effect. Effol Skin Balm is simple to apply and remains for a long time on areas requiring protection. It can also be applied to particular problem areas as a preventative measure. 
Application: Clean the affected area carefully and dry them. Subsequently cover with Effol Skin Balm. The cream can be applied several times daily as required. Keep away from heat and frost. Free from doping substances.

Contains: Panthenol, avocado oil, zinc oxide, urea and bisabolol.

Available in a 150ml tube