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Cromo 2.0 Metal Black/Rose Gold -L


This Kep Cromo 2.0 is stunning with a Rose Gold Polished front and Swarovski stones around the frame!

  • Polished Black Shell
  • Size Large Shell
  • Polished Metal Black Grids
  • Black Chinstrap
  • Rose Gold Front
  • Rose Gold Frame with Clear Swarovski Stones

From the knowledge and experience of CROMO Helmet, KEP Italia presents you the new CROMO 2.0, a revolution in term of helmet user experience and wearability. 

The first equestrian helmet with an integrated IoT technology. 

CROMO 2.0 can increase first aid procedures efficiency due to an integrated NFC device, stitched on the shell, linked to a KEP App where the customer can upload personal and health information. All data are available with simple steps, just pointing the helmet with a mobile phone. Internet connection is not required.

The visor can be easily removed and changed by the customer who can switch from jumping to polo, from jockey to cross country with great ease. Front and rear panels can be removed and replaced by the rider to benefit from unlimited personalization, depending on your daily mood!

KEP Italia traditional feature, made of clean lines and essential geometries, is enriched by a new grid with contrasting finishing and a ventilation opening on the back. The new chinstrap, made of technical materials and real leather, shaped in a single piece, highlights the quality and elegance of the helmet. The internal liner with new colors and design grants the best comfort as ever.

Selected materials and innovative design exclude the use of synthetic glues. The internal liner made of recycled fabric is moisture wicking. KEP Italia is strongly engaged in environmental sustainability promotion by choosing recycled raw materials, when possible, and by environmentally friendly habits in daily activity.