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Classic Stratus Fly Rug


Keep the flies at bay with our Classic Stratus Fly Rug…

The Classic Stratus Fly Rug is made from tightly woven interlocking nylon which offers great breathability, strength and fly control. This lightweight summer fly rug is ideal for protection from biting insects and the sun’s harmful rays. Antibacterial breathable polyester lining over the shoulder and neck area prevents rubbing and is comfortable against your horse’s skin. Complete with integrated wrap-around belly flap for extra protection, support and comfort.

Classic Stratus Fly Rug: Key Features...

  • Tightly woven interlocking nylon
  • Breathable fabric
  • Long integrated neck cover offers more protection whilst grazing
  • New double locking neck cover straps
  • Neck cover lined with non-static antibacterial breathable polyester lining over mane
  • Double lined over wither and shoulder with non-static antibacterial polyester lining
  • Gusset system
  • Integrated wrap-around belly flap
  • Quick release chest clips
  • Supersize tail flap - double thickness
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • PVC coated tail strap
  • Leg straps MUST be worn
  • Machine washable (30°), dry naturally
  • Comes with a one year manufacturers guarantee