Cheeky Goat Soaps


Simply the best soap you’ll ever use, Cheeky Goat Soaps are handmade in Loxahatchee by a lovely lady named Whit!  

About Cheeky Goat Soap:

We are a company that strongly believes in limited plastic, and being Palm Oil free. That’s why we strive to have all our packaging and mailing plastic free and/or biodegradable, and All our soaps are Palm Oil free. 

We also don’t believe in pretending our soap is anything more than just that. Soap. Soap is a wash off product, so, by that logic, it can not be moisturizing, tightening, or cure cancer. Whit should know, as she is a Pediatric Oncology Research RN! 

Our Fall Scents are:

Horsehead Pink Grapefruit 3oz

Lavender & Mint 5oz

Tool Time - Mahogany Teakwood 5oz