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Bolton Snaffle Bridle - Full


Brand BR
The BR Bridle Bolton stands out for its highly comfortable fit, the flexible, soft leather and the luxury details.

It’s made of high-quality European leather, which is flexible and very durable. The extra wide headpiece Anatomic Fit is anatomically shaped and softly padded. This ensures a good fit, a better pressure distribution at the horse’s head and a lot of comfort. Also the crank flash noseband provides a nicely padded round raised lining and a smoothly padded wide chin pad to complete the comfortable fit. The special design of the noseband ensures more free space around the jaw and cheekbones and reduces pressure at the sensitive facial nerves of the horse and the teeth. The throatlash is adjustable on both sides and the buckle of the flash strap features an extra protection flap.

The luxury details can be found at the slightly curved browband and the noseband. The browband contains shiny, clear Stellux™ crystals and the crank flash noseband provides patent leather. The bridle features shiny, silver-coloured, chrome-plated brass hardware.