Aulion Sellier Dressage Saddle


DRESSAGE SADDLES hand made in France 🇫🇷 

Behind every Aulion dressage saddle is skilled craftsmanship combining traditional techniques with the expertise of a master saddler. Quality hand selected materials such as leather and wood are worked with precision to ensure saddles of exceptional construction and timeless design including a monoflap for close contact.

100% of the main materials in our saddles comes from France and all stages of manufacturing take place in our Saumur workshop. We chose to work this way in order to preserve the integrity and artistry of our French heritage.

We also incorporate the latest technologies in our concept and design: multi density mousse/foam is one example of a material which has shown in studies to effectively combine suppleness and the ability to resist compression.

Saddle trees are produced with care according to our specifications by the « Arconnerie Française », in the French tradition. We select our leather from the best tanneries of France (which also provide materials to legendary leather goods brands) offering riders an incomparable comfort—that of the highest quality leather.

Our design principles are dictated by a commitment to comfort, ease in movement, and finesse in sensation.

From the time the leather is selected to how a saddle is prepared for shipping, each Aulion saddleis handcrafted by the same master saddler, giving a uniqueness to each finished product. Aulion saddles are fitted for French and international Grand-Prix riders as well as any passionate rider concerned about a proper fit for comfort and movement in the art of dressage. Riders with great feel enjoy our saddles the most. 

We move horses and riders together to another level of balance and harmony where the benefits of a truly custom-made saddle create the highest results.


Our special touch

Aulion Sellier is the only French saddler today who makes dressage saddles 100% custom fit.

Before a saddle is made, we start the design phase with a test ride. Aulion Sellier provides each client with this experience. Please call/text Katie Hoog at 786-412-8484 to schedule. 

We design each of our dressage saddles like a singular, original product, thus pledging a unique experience to every horse-rider pair.

  • Horse measurements: height and width of withers, opening of shoulders, scapula position, conformation of back, muscle mass.
  • Rider measurements: length of legs, size of pelvis, weight, consideration for any anatomical dissymmetry – from natural or other causes.
  • Dynamic measurements: observation of the horse-rider pair in movement to define the essential requirements of rider’s seat, thigh positioning, taking into account level of equitation, goals in riding, and any points to correct (the latter necessitates the coach/instructor’s presence)…

It is also the specificity of this custom fit which allows our saddles to be modified based on changes to horse morphology or the way the rider is moving.

Thus, upon your request, we can visit you again to take new measurements according to how you and the horse are evolving. We then make all necessary modifications in our workshop to the tree, panels, gullet, thigh blocks, etc.


Saddle making

We believe the relationship between horse and rider is based on emotions. The saddle is an inseparable element in this story, especially when it is perfectly adapted to the morphology of horse and rider, allowing for a correct position with natural comfort.

Aulion Sellier derives its inspiration from this complicity between horse and rider, to give a unique character to each saddle. Thanks to our savoir-faire preserved from the finest French saddle making tradition, we seek to convey emotions.

We conduct our work with respect for the horse and the materials we use, in blending tradition with modernity, to answer to the most specific requests and needs.

Our company values: rigor, sharing, enjoyment….rigor behind every detail in the way we work, knowledge sharing and continual learning in our team and with our clients, and the sheer joy which comes from a beautiful product also making riders and horses happy.