Kingsley Weymouth Bridle - Flat


This model bridle is designed for dressage riders with a beautiful wide and super soft padded noseband which is approx 1.5 inches wide and has a recess at the bit. This recess creates more space between the bit and the noseband so the delicate cheek of the horse does not get pinched. This also protects the nerve which runs below the cheekbone. The innovative design of the headpiece is perfectly adapted to the anatomy of the horse's head; not only cut back behind the ears, but also wider on top of the neck. This design ensures the best possible pressure behind the ears of the horse. For extra comfort, the noseband hangs from the header. The bridle is equipped with a beautiful wave model browband with big Swarovki crystals in silver settings. Finally the bridle features stylish black stainless steel buckles and haberdashery.  This bridle comes with leather snaffle reins with rubber anti-slip layer on the inside and a double rein. All Kingsley bridles are made of high quality leather which makes this line is very durable.  Available in a number of colors and finishes.  

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