Black Rocks Weymouth


Brand JUDI

JUDI creates lasting pieces of wearable art for your horse.  These bridles are unsurpassed in quality & luxury and are highly sought after by the worlds top riders, owners and trainers.  JUDI starts with only the best leather, from Passier.  She then creates a work of art by adding Swarovski Crystal fabric to the noseband and browband, along with the 3-year guaranteed Swarovski Stone placement in the browband.  Bridle features a luxurious sheepskin chin pad.

The bridle is anatomically cut back to relieve any pressure on the ears and poll.  It comes with luxury reins with Swarovski crystals.  Designed and handmade by JUDI in the Netherlands with beautiful black Swarovski Rocks on the noseband of black patent leather.

Pictured design may vary from the actual in stock bridles!  JUDI has so many different designs, please reach out to set your in-person or ZOOM to design your unique JUDI piece!